No Toxic People Allowed



About Us


No Toxic People Allowed  is a movement standing against any toxicity such as Domestic Violence, Racism, Hate,Abuse,Jealousy,Negativity and Violence.

The No Toxic People Allowed Movement was created by the CEO of Working Moms 24/7,Tiffany Bynes. Tiffany Bynes is a domestic violence survivor herself and believes that everyone should stay away from Toxic Relationships and Toxic Situations. 

Each NTPA item has the seven chakras symbols in the No Toxic People Allowed Apparel. The chakras are the source of our physical,emotional,mental and spiritual energy.

When our chakras are blocked or not in balance, the free flow of energy is impeded,leading to physical,emotional,mental and spiritual disease. When the chakras are unblocked and free flowing, we enjoy optimum health physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritually.

Toxic People will drain the life out of you! Join the Movement 

Love & Light